Rush: Headlong Flight

Now, this I like very much! Being the new single from Rush, whetting our appetites for the soon-to-drop Clockwork Angels. From the moment that Peart and Lifeson pile in with Lee on the busy pentatonic riff that introduces the song, it becomes clear that the majestic trio are in no mood for half measures – and, for all Rush’s much-vaunted (deservedly) musicianship and lofty creative standards, there is no doubt that hearing them blow away the cobwebs and just plain kick ass for a glorious seven minutes and twenty seconds is one of the more joyous experiences that rock ‘n’ roll has to offer. The fact that they can drop in so many mind-bending shifts of tempo and time signature in doing so (it even sounds like Peart is going to break into a full-blown drum solo at one point!), while never sounding like anything other than an old-fashioned power trio having a blast, just underlines once more just how far ahead of most of the competition they remain.

I’m very excited indeed about Clockwork Angels. If this is anything to go by, it could be another glorious moment of musical self-liberation, √† la Permanent Waves and Counterparts.

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