Aerosmith: Legendary Child

A fitting title, as we are shaping up, it seems, for a veritable year of legends – with new albums from Van Halen and UFO already on the shelves, Rush imminent, and the (almost) original line-up of Black Sabbath back on the live stage. Freshly streamed, we now have the teaser track from Aerosmith’s contribution to the party, their long-awaited comeback album, Music from Another Dimension. Legendary Child is not exactly new Aerosmith – more new-old Aerosmith, being a dusted down track dating from the early nineties, and finally polished up for public consumption. Along with the majority of ‘smith fans, I’ve been longing for them to truly return to the scuzzy, rough ‘n’ ready sounds of their formative years, and while Legendary Child would certainly stick out like a sore thumb on Rocks (1976), it does have an energy and spark about it that was notably absent on most of the material from the lacklustre Just Push Play (2001). Built around a stop-start riff that is strongly reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s The Wanton Song and Rainbow’s Lady of the Lake, it fizzes along dynamically, abetted by a fresh production, some vivacious performances from the players, and a defiantly strutting Steven Tyler vocal. After all the water that’s flown under the bridge, I’m really rooting for Aerosmith to deliver with this album. On the strength of this, I would describe my mood on that score as ‘cautiously optimistic’.

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