Diary of a Seoul Fiend

There will be a little pause in my series on Jon Lord’s work in Deep Purple, as I take some time off to enjoy beautiful Seoul! I’ve already explored the palace district and seen the wonderful and informative exhibitis at the National Palace and National Folk museums, visited the world famous Dongdaemun market, become supremely well-versed in Seoul’s excellent subway system, drank in bars in the trendy and happening Hongdae district – and, of course, enjoyed lots of delightful (and fiery) authentic Korean cuisine. I also had a terrific day with friends in Daegu, where I partook of another Korean tradition – the noraebang (singing room); or, to be precise, the virtual noraebang in a multi-room. I gave it some welly with some classics by Guns ‘n’ Roses and Warrant, amongst others – and of course (giving it my best Rod Evans), Deep Purple (Hush *).

Rocking it in Korea! It doesn’t get much better, folks . . .


* R.I.P. Joe South

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One Response to Diary of a Seoul Fiend

  1. Do drop in Daehakro and tell me what it is like.

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