Sometimes I Like It Heavy

And when I do, more often than not, Slayer and Machine Head are my go to guys – brutal, pulverising intensity to the max! I saw the latter live at Donington 1995, when they were the hot new thing in metal, and again in 1998, bringing irresistible aural devastation to Nottingham Rock City touring The More Things Change. Even so, I must admit that I’d kind of forgotten just how good they are live – that was until last week, when I picked up their Hellalive offering from 2003, featuring a superb set list from their first four albums. It’s been given a spin every day since, and my delight in it could hardly be more timely, with their new live album, Machine F**king Head Live having recently hit the shelves. That one, bringing us right up to date with a tempting selection of corkers from their superb brace of recent albums, The Blackening (2007) and Unto the Locust (2011), along with the familiar classics, will hopefully prove to be even better.

Kudos to Robb Flynn and the boys on around twenty years of undisputed attitude and excellence within their field. Theirs is a difficult genre to grow up in, but they’ve proven themselves more than capable of doing exactly that, and their endurance does them credit.

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2 Responses to Sometimes I Like It Heavy

  1. adamw2102 says:

    Hellalive is good. Machine Fucking Head Live is awesome. i was just disappointed they didn’t use anything from Wembley where i saw them.

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