Holding Post

What do Britons talk about, for want of anything to talk about? The weather, of course. And, on that subject, I can say that it has been bloody freezing in Prague of late – although the particularly brutal cold snap we experienced over the weekend has been off on its not-so-merry way, and the snow has given way to a particularly dismal kind of rain; even the majestic centre of Prague has had a gloomy, dreary air of late. Still, even through the coldest, darkest days, I’ve had plenty of cheer from the sporting world to give me the warm and fuzzies – notably, Champagne Super Novak bagging his third successive Aussie Open, Super Leeds triumphing over Spurs in the F.A. Cup (along with some other fantastic shocks – and how about Cape Verde in the African Cup of Nations?). And, truth be told, I am not really in want of a subject at the moment. In fact, I have some interesting stuff in the pipeline – including my belated, long-anticipated, Songs of the Year extravaganza for 2012! It’s all been a bit hectic, though, what with moving and settling into a new job, so the longer posts have been put on ice for a bit . . . but the ostentatious verbiage will be back soon, in full effect, you may be sure of that!

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