Deep Purple: Two New Songs

So, I’m sure most Purple People will have checked out, by now, the two original songs selected for single release ahead of new Deep Purple album Now What?!, due out at the end of April – and I hope that most of the fans are as psyched by them as I am. The a-side, All the Time in the World, is a cool, laid back affair, on which Ian Gillan’s vocal sounds great and Steve Morse works the groove like a trouper, while Hell to Pay is a stomping hard rocker with a shout-along chorus, a distinctly eighties Purple vibe, and some lovely old school touches from Morse and Airey. Both tracks are deliciously infectious in their very distinctive ways, and I am very impressed with Bob Ezrin’s crystal clear production (Roger’s bass sounds huge!); hopefully they will garner a lot of interest in the album and draw some fairweather fans back into the fold, making sure that Now What?! proves to be an event album and the band’s most successful of the Steve Morse era. Personally, I think that Purpendicular has probably held up as the strongest album Steve has recorded with Deep Purple to date, but these new songs, along with the teasers and the general vibe coming out of the Purple camp, suggest that they may well have topped it this time. I have a good feeling about the new Deep Purple album. A very good feeling.

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2 Responses to Deep Purple: Two New Songs

  1. beeseeker says:

    Sounded very good to me – bearing in mind both seem to be radio edits; looking forward to the show here later this year!

  2. beeseeker says:

    Not sure if you would be interested, but my post at
    is inspired by one of the tracks.
    Sorry, no blazing riffs or Hammond solos 🙂

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