Deep Purple: Now What?! – First Impressions

So, yesterday, the years of anticipation finally came to an end – I have the new Deep Purple album! And, listening to it for the second time, I have to say that I am very chuffed indeed. As promised, it contains a terrific mix of straight ahead hard rocking, and absorbing progressive elements, with plenty of room for the guys to stretch out and dazzle us with the exceptional prowess that has always been a key part of the band’s appeal. Hiring Bob Ezrin was clearly a masterstroke; it is indeed the best sounding Purple album for many a long year, with a lovely feeling of space, and each instrument (and voice) coming through with great clarity. I won’t go into detail about individual songs yet (beyond saying that I adore the fittingly hammy ‘Vincent Price’ that closes the album in such playfully brilliant style!); nor will I make any claims of the ‘best album since . . .’ variety, at least until I’ve lived with it for a while (I remember when I first heard Rapture of the Deep, I immediately thought it a significant improvement on Bananas; now that the dust has settled on that one, I regard Bananas as much the superior album). What I will venture to say at this moment is that Now What?! is as true to the spirit of the halcyon Purple of old as anything they have turned out since Perfect Strangers; that, I expect, will be commendation enough for any fan. Full review to follow soon.

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2 Responses to Deep Purple: Now What?! – First Impressions

  1. shmoo7275 says:

    All the Time in the World and Blood From a Stone are my two standouts thus far. Liking it a lot.

  2. Jimmy Plant says:

    It’s one of those albums that gets better with each listen.
    Long live ALBUMS….long live DEEP PURPLE!!

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