We’re Number One!

‘We’ being who? The hard rock ‘community’, of course! It has been most gratifying to see the Sabs score their first number one album in the States, and also hit the top spot back home, giving them a world record for the longest gap between number one albums (13 in ’13, and Paranoid, some forty three years earlier). Deep Purple also hit the top spot in several countries – most satisfyingly, for me, in the Czech Republic (nice to think I played a small part in their chart triumphs!) – and have performed well in all major markets with their latest opus. It seems that the music I grew up loving is no longer the ‘niche’ interest it was back in the 1990s. The cultural gatekeepers charged with separating artists into the major categories of ‘OK to like’ and ‘terminally unfashionable’ have lost their grip – and not before bloody time!

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