Top Ten Artists I Miss Following the Sudden Death of My Faithful Old MP3 Player

Back up, folks – always back up (he advises, being conspicuously wise after the event). Thanks to my failure to do so, I will be largely bereft of a whole plethora of auditory delights for a good long while. These are the artists I’m missing – and will miss – the most:

10. Ten Years After. Especially for those intoxicating extended jams on Fillmore East.

9. IssaPlease Hold OnIn the Heat of the NightToo Late for Love (amongst others) – bliss.

8. Nirvana. Believe it or not. Mainly for a clutch of undeniably outstanding songs – and nope, I’m not talking about Teen Spirit.

7.  Blue Oyster CultIn Thee and Going Through the Motions stab me in the heart every time. Oh man, this really blows.

6. Styx. Let’s face it, a Styx Best of is essential for any extended foreign sojourn.

5. Faith No More. How I would love to bounce around the flat to A Small Victory.

4. REO Speedwagon. Those guys rule.

3. Magnum. Missing the classics, and the killer new album

2. UFO. I have no UFO. At all. Aaaargh!!!

1. Survivor.  Pure class.

In addition to losing all of the above, my travelling Journey, Warrant and Deep Purple collections have also been decimated. I suppose the only silver lining is that all of this music will sound really fresh when I get it back in a few months’ time.

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