Underwhelming Follow-Ups: III

I listen to ’em so you don’t have to! Here we go again . . .

Ozzy Osbourne: Ozzmosis

Having delivered probably his second best album outside of Sabbath at the beginning of the 1990s, the outstanding No More Tears, Ozzy kept us waiting for four years before finally delivering a follow-up. And, when it finally arrived, in the shape of Ozzmosis, it’s fair to say that we were far from overwhelmed. Heck, we weren’t even whelmed. Not even a little bit. As such, it is entirely appropriate to say that we were distinctly underwhelmed by the release. As with many albums of the nineties, Ozzmosis suffered from being over-long; worse, it was startlingly bereft of highlights, suffered dreadfully from ‘too many cooks’ syndrome (something that has afflicted Ozzy’s solo works from this album forwards), and had a horribly focus group-oriented aura that was utterly antithetical to the kind of organic band vibe that had helped make Blizzard of Ozz such a defining release. The whole thing is probably summed up best by the shockingly poor lead single that presaged the album, ‘Perry Mason’. Eek.

Deep Purple: House of Blue Light

I’ve blogged about this one before and, while I no longer feel it’s the turkey I once did, it does stand out as a rather depressing episode in the life of this great British rock ‘n’ roll institution. It does boast some great songs that have probably been rather unfairly overlooked, and that I’d actually love to see reinstated into the live set (some chance of that!); these include ‘Bad Attitude’, ‘The Unwritten Law’ and ‘The Spanish Archer’. However, it certainly was a significantly weaker release than Perfect Strangers, and it takes its place on this list for the depressing manner in which it seemed to confirm once and for all the inherent dysfunctionality of one of the greatest rock line-ups of all time, Deep Purple Mark II (which didn’t stop them from reforming one more time, of course!).

I’m not done yet! Brace yourself for another instalment soon . . .

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