Galatasaray vs. Chelsea

I was a little bit late for this one, trying to find a pub in Prague that was (i) showing the football and (ii) had seats available. I’m glad I made the effort, though, as it was a good watch, accompanied by some cool Pilsners in a cosy little bar I’d never been to before. When football’s own Dr Jekyll (in terms of his domestic vs. European form), Fernando Torres, opened the scoring, I had an ominous feeling that we might be in for a snoozer – classic Mourinho holding off inferior opposition and sooner or later picking them off for a killer second on the counter. However, things proved to be a bit more interesting than that, with Chelsea looking a little ropey defensively, ultimately leading to a lamentably soft equaliser from a corner. I still thought it more than likely that Chelsea would find a winner, but as it turned out, Galatasaray looked fairly comfortable in the closing stages. It was a little disappointing that Didier Drogba didn’t manage to create any fireworks on his reunion with his old club – however, seeing him return to Stamford Bridge will be the really special moment, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he makes his mark on the tie there.

So, that’s three defeats and one draw for the English clubs in the latest round of Champ’s League action – a pretty abysmal return. Still, as the managers would no doubt point out, it’s only half time.

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