Hughes ‘not bothered’ by Bojan’s Macaroon Habit

Stoke City boss Mark Hughes insists that he is unperturbed by media reports that star forward Bojan apparently eats five to eight coconut macaroons a day. “He likes the rice paper” the Manchester United and Wales legend confirmed in an interview with Sky Sports from his office, “and the texture, and the drizzle of chocolate which, as he puts it, is ‘like a little orgasm in your mouth’. But the way I see it, if he wants to have a macaroon, let him have a fucking macaroon. What’s the problem? If you want to reap the benefits of genius, you have to be prepared to tolerate a bit of eccentricity.”
‘Sparky’ (Mark Hughes) was, however, keen to stress that he will not allow his players complete carte blanche when it comes to delicate confections and sweet treats: “The other day, I caught Jonathan Walters guzzling a packet of them Rudyard Kipling’s French Fancies” the former Manchester City and Blackburn Rovers gaffer disclosed gravely, laying aside a well-thumbed copy of Britain’s Favourite Love Poems and fixing the camera with the unnerving stare of a man who well understands the ethereal resonance of a ball struck sweetly on the half volley, “admittedly, they are delicious, and I can’t say I haven’t indulged myself from time to time. But if it was to happen more than, say, once a fortnight, I’d have to have words. That would be somewhat effete.”

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