Carragher Lifts Lid on Bellamy Golf Club Incident

Former Liverpool and England defender Jamie Carragher has shared shocking details of the infamous incident in which then teammate Craig Bellamy attacked John Arne Riise with a golf club. “Riise had always rubbed Craig up the wrong way, for some reason” Carragher recalled in an exclusive interview with Keith Chegwin for Channel 5, “I think it was his goal celebration, where he used to slide on his knees with his shirt pulled over his head, and his arms spread out. That always seemed to wind Craig up. And to be fair, why wouldn’t it? What is he, twelve years old? Anyway, after a few months it all came to a head. We were in Slovenia for a UEFA Cup tie against Maribor and, after arriving at Ljubljana in the evening, a few of us, including Craig and John, had been out on the lagers. In the morning, most of the boys joined Rafa the Gaffer for breakfast, but I noticed Craig wasn’t there – we all just assumed he was in the bathroom slapping on some disgusting aftershave, or having a wank over a picture of Gloria Hunniford as usual. But then, suddenly, Bellers [former Newcastle United and Wales dickhead Craig Bellamy] comes charging in with a pitching wedge or a 3 iron or something nasty, yelling ‘sic semper tyrannis‘, and clocks Riise square in the mush. The funny thing was, John wasn’t badly hurt, and didn’t even seem to be in any kind of pain. If anything, he hit him too well.”

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2 Responses to Carragher Lifts Lid on Bellamy Golf Club Incident

  1. 3uptop says:

    I was just thinking to myself “this happened when we were in the champs league”. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ entertaining non the less!

  2. A.Y. Marsh says:

    Cheers! I didn’t bother looking up the details – but of course, you would have been in the Champs League as holders then.

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