Keane and Håland to Record ‘Especially For You’ for Charity

Former footballing adversaries Roy Keane and Alf-Inge Håland are to cover Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan’s smash hit ballad Especially for You for charity, it has been confirmed. Veteran music mogul Pete Waterman, who is to produce the record, has spoken of his excitement and pride in the project, all proceeds from which will go to ‘Hope for Teesside’ – a new organisation which helps to integrate recovering Middlesbrough fans into mainstream society. “The boy Keano has a terrific falsetto” opined Waterman, speaking from his summer house in Podgorica, “you wouldn’t think it to look at him, but he absolutely bloody does. And the lad Alfie is a dead ringer for Jas[e/on Donovan, former soap and pop star and noted heterosexual]. When they started locking in on those close harmonies, it fairly brought a tear to my eye. The glory days just came flooding back, and you could see the old grudge between them just melt away.” Helping the two old hands to bury the hatchet was, however, only the icing on the cake, with Waterman being keen to encourage fans to get fully behind the charitable cause the record is promoting. “It’s just really nice to be able to give something back” Waterman observed wistfully, sipping his rakija-laced coffee, “I’ve been to Teesside with H4T, and I’ve observed firsthand the devastation that supporting Middlesbrough can wreak on communities. It just brings it home to you that there really are too many broken hearts in the world.”

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