Refusal to Apply ‘Super’ Epithet Scuppered Lampard New York Deal

Frank Lampard’s proposed move to New York City FC for the beginning of the 2015 Major League Soccer season fell through due to the reluctance of US sports networks to refer to him exclusively as ‘Super’ Frank Lampard, it has been confirmed. As Bob Caveillos, director of sports programming at ABC, explained in an exclusive interview with Sky Sports News: “Naturally, here in the States we love nicknames and anything that adds to the razzmatazz and theater of sports. But calling him ‘Super’ Frank all the time just seemed a bit silly. We’re sorry that it offends him so much, and we hope he’ll have a change of heart and come join us in the MLS soon.” The player himself (known variously as ‘Lamps’, ‘Frankie Boy’ and, of course, ‘”Super” Frank Lampard’), has been forthright in his exasperation over the issue. “Christine [Bleakley, TV presenter and long-time Lampard squeeze] doesn’t have a problem with calling me ‘Super’ Frank, so why should they?” he observed in an unbroadcast segment of a recent post-match interview, “If she can say it to help me perform in the bedroom, why can’t they say it to help me perform on the pitch?”

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