Stigers Replaces Osbourne in Black Sabbath

Curtis Stigers has been installed as the new lead singer of British metal legends Black Sabbath, bassist Geezer Butler has confirmed. “We were made up to record the last album [2013’s Grammy Award winning 13] with the Ozz Man [legendary rock hellraiser Ozzy Osbourne]” explained Butler, “but he just wasn’t cutting it live anymore, bless him, and we realised it was time for a change. Curtis just blew us away in his audition and it’s great that, with his rich, soulful voice, we’ll be able to put stuff like ‘Symptom of the Universe’ and ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ back into the set. It’s also going to take some of the pressure off of Tone [Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi] because we can replace some of the guitar solos with sax solos.” Stigers himself – who reportedly bit the head off a magpie and dipped his bollocks in a senior executive’s coffee while signing with Universal last week – says that he is “delighted to be joining such a legendary band.” He is also hopeful that his own best known hit (early nineties ballad ‘I Wonder Why’) might find its way into the new Sabbath set list. “It’s sounding the nuts in rehearsals; Tony’s put a whole new spin on it with this downtuned doomy riffing” he enthused in a Radio Two telephone interview this morning, “I think it would slot in nicely between, say, ‘Into the Void’ and ‘Electric Funeral’.”

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