Let the Madness Begin (plus Premier League Predictions 08/08/15)

Well, that certainly rolled around quickly this time, didn’t it? We stand on the threshold of a new season of English football . . . hopefully the Premier League will see a bit more of a title race this time! And hopefully my beloved Leeds United will finally mount a serious push for a return to the big time. Last season, I was beat fair and square by my footballing nemesis Paul Merson, in the Premier League predictions battle – but I’m nothing if not persistent, and will chance my arm again . . . here it goes!


Manchester United 2 – 1 Tottenham Hotspur **
Bournemouth 1 – 1 Aston Villa
Everton 3 – 0 Watford
Leicester City 1 – 0 Sunderland *
Norwich City 0 – 1 Crystal Palace *
Chelsea 2 – 0 Swansea City


Arsenal 3 – 0 West Ham United
Newcastle United 0 – 1 Southampton
Stoke City 1 – 1 Liverpool


West Bromwich Albion 0 – 2 Manchester City *

The verdict . . .


Results forecast: 40%
STAR: 12%


Results forecast: 60%
STAR: 26%

Pretty comprehensive. Still, at least Bumnal got stuffed by the Hammers – bloody hilarious!

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