Mash: Fake News Stories “not funny anymore”

Fake online news items parodying current events that are widely consumed by bored office workers and shared on social media are no longer humorous, it has emerged. According to the Daily Mash itself – Britain’s leading purveyor of the medium – the comedy value of such items has been in catastrophic decline for several years, with the ‘art form’ only sustaining itself as a kind of bizarre postmodern commentary upon the soul-sapping ennui that lies at the core of twenty-first century metropolitan existence. “We’ve been flogging this shit to death for years” said the source, speaking on condition of anonymity, “and we’ve finally got to the point where our stock stylistic devices parodying journalistic writing – e.g. lots of passive constructions, and an abundance of perfect forms with ample use of a narrow range of reporting verbs – can no longer raise a chuckle, no matter how potentially hilarious the subject matter might appear. What it means, basically, is that we’re fucked.”

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