Wanker Believed to Be an English Teacher

An insufferable bell-end apparently residing in Prague is widely suspected to be teaching English, concerned locals have revealed. The individual, who goes by the name of ‘Trevor’, has been observed frequenting various pubs and cafés, mostly in the Vinohrady area, and has been irritating residents and tourists alike for several months with his tedious wittering. “I was sitting and having a drink with some friends at a place we like near Šumavská” recalls Petra Nováková, a relationship manager at Komerční Banka with excellent English language skills, “and he came over and sat with us without being invited. He asked us if we thought Margaret Thatcher had a sense of humour and started expounding his theories of how and why the English adopted a two-finger salute as a rude gesture. He kept complimenting us on our appropriate use of idioms and fixed expressions, which seemed like a dead giveaway – and he actually did a little squeal when I used the present perfect continuous correctly. I have to admit that he seemed quite innocuous. Just a bit of a knob jockey.”

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