Bloke Whistling Along to Songs in Pub Impresses People with His Talent

Punters at a popular Irish pub in Prague have had their experience enhanced by a man whistling along to songs played over the pub’s sound system, it has emerged. In a telephone interview with BBC Radio 4, 45 year old Yvette Johnson from Rochdale, shared details of her recent weekend break in which, on the Sunday, having spent a pleasant day sightseeing in the city, she and her friends decided to have dinner and a few drinks while watching a bit of the cricket: “The pub was pretty full and there were some English lads sitting near us, apparently at the tail end of a stag do. Most of them were talking to each other like normal people, but one of them insisted on staring into his glass and loudly whistling along to the lead vocal line of every song that came on. I’d say he was in his early thirties, and he was wearing one of those ‘Czech Me Out’ t-shirts that you see at all the tacky souvenir shops in the Old Town. He was whistling along to the modern ones, like Pharell Williams or whatever, as well as your ‘Come On Eileens’ and your ‘Don’t Look Back in Angers’ – and sometimes he added these little trills and flourishes, which were naturally greeted with admiring glances from everyone present. There were probably only four or five points where I was on the verge of stomping over to his table and glassing the stupid c**t, which obviously speaks volumes.”

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