Naked Women “still tremendously popular”

Birth of Venus

Groundbreaking new research has indicated that, despite recent developments such as The Sun discontinuing the ‘Page 3 Girl’ feature, Playboy magazine abandoning nude ‘playmates’ and the winding up of most printed ‘lad’s mags’, a sizeable quantity of men remain immensely interested in seeing attractive women with nothing on. Professor Dirk Van Kluftwing, Senior Lecturer in Applied Psychology at the University of Maidenhead, explains: “The prevailing scientific consensus that today’s blokes are ‘bored’ of seeing fit birds in their birthday suits has really been shattered by our research. We found that the vast majority of our participants responded positively to images of lovely ladies in the altogether, often exclaiming involuntary interjections such as ‘Phwoooaargh!!!’ when presented with them; they also reported that seeing women naked in the flesh was not only pleasurable for them, but left them with a weird sense of achievement.”

Associate Tutor Barry Willis, who helped to coordinate the project, added, “As I see it, it’s a bit like Michael Owen’s goal against Argentina in France 98, or that video of the orang utan laughing at the magic trick. No matter how many times you see it, you still like it.”

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