Left Seeks to Win People Over with Insults and Abuse

Dreaming of greatness . . .

Dreaming of greatness . . .

The British left intends to persist with its strategy of wooing floating voters by constantly calling them stupid, racist wankers, it has emerged. Interviewed by John Humphrys on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme, Andy Green, of the Labour-affiliated Institute for Policy Review think tank explained, “Based on the last two General Elections and the EU Referendum, we’ve all agreed that the best way of winning over the thick, unwashed plebs whose votes we need to one day get back into power, is to keep laughing at them and reminding them of how horrible they are. It makes us feel really big about ourselves, which is, after all, the most important thing.” When challenged by Humphrys as to the political efficacy of the strategy, Green rolled his eyes and grinned smugly. “I read the Guardian“, he pointed out, “I know everything.”

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