Kajagoogoo: Constant Agadoo Requests “getting tiresome now”

Bunch of pineapple pushers

Bunch of pineapple pushers

Kajagoogoo bassist and notable individual Nick Beggs is becoming increasingly irked by fans calling out requests for the Black Lace hit ‘Agadoo’ during his band’s performances, it has emerged. Describing the odd phenomenon in an interview with BBC Radio Two’s Flashback programme on Tuesday morning, the muso observed: “At first, we weren’t sure what to make of it – possibly it started as some kind of joke or something. But now, we’re beginning to wonder if people out there really do believe that that inane pile of insufferable crap actually was one of ours. I mean, the thing is this: just because we’ve got a weird name doesn’t mean we’re some kind of novelty act. We actually were quite credible – and I’m a fucking good bass player, by the way. I swear to God, the next time somebody tries it, I’m going to personally wade into the audience and slap the shit out of ’em. I’m sick of it.”

Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner, who is believed to have written the party anthem to fulfil a pact with Satan, is reported to have rolled her head back and cackled chillingly with unbridled sinister glee when told of the news, delighted at the malign pall that it continues to cast over the British cultural landscape, more than thirty years after its original release.

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