Coventry City to Star in Reboot of ‘The Love Boat’

New directions . . .

New directions . . .

Struggling English football club Coventry City is set to appear in the forthcoming new series of kitsch American TV classic The Love Boat, it has been confirmed. “Obviously, these are difficult times for the club, and we know that this move won’t be universally popular with the fans” explained Coventry chairman Tim Fisher, speaking to BBC Radio Five Live, “and yeah, of course, there’s going to be lots of stick and banter from opposing fans as a result of it. But we’re facing the prospect of probable relegation to League Two and the financial hit that comes with that. Realistically, when HBO came in with this offer, we just couldn’t afford to turn it down. Besides, in any industry, you have to innovate and look at new ways of doing things, and football’s no different. Who knows, maybe this could be a trend for the future, and we’ll be seen as trailblazers?”

It is understood that Coventry will make its first appearance midway through the series, as a mysterious stranger from Panama who quickly becomes embroiled in a love triangle with characters played by Frances Sternhagen and Betty White. However, questions linger about the practicalities of balancing the foray into acting with the rigorous demands of a tough football league season. “To be fair, I really have no idea what the deal is with this ‘love boat’ thing” club captain Jordan Willis admitted. “I don’t know what’s going on at this club anymore. It’s all a bit chaotic these days.”

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