Premier League Footballer Anagrams: I

A bit of Friday fun . . . can you unscramble the letters to reveal the names of the fifteen current or former English Premier League footballers? They’re drawn from a wide variety of clubs, from different eras of the league, and include some of the all-time greats along with a few not-so-greats. Enjoy, and leave your answers in the comments please 🙂

1. Straw mat curse
2. Of Lear, damned
3. Sally Tripe Rag
4. The cool twat
5. A calm bad son chip
6. Ana jams her voicer
7. Her anal arse
8. Rim Cack Charlie
9. The caring git
10. A bum oil store
11. Mere English rat
12. Avoiding lad
13. We smile at her tits
14. A long arse junk loser
15. Go in, enable shit

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