Man Drapes Jacket on Shoulders to Annoy Colleagues

A 32 year old office worker from Caterham, Surrey, is causing mild irritation to his colleagues by walking around his workplace with an expensive designer jacket draped on his shoulders, and never putting his arms through the sleeves, it has emerged. Marketing Specialist Ed Barker, of Cable & Wireless UK, explained to this blog that he particularly enjoys standing over colleagues at their workstations with a cup of coffee, and making small talk with them with the jacket half on. “What’s really great is that, by just draping the jacket on my shoulders and not wearing it properly, it’s clear that it has no functional value whatsoever, and is solely a fashion accessory” he elaborated. “I know I look like a dick.”

“I actually do think I’m going to punch him” added 27 year old Sales Rep Tina Wilson.

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